About White Design Lab

Everyone has a story. This is ours.

Who we are

White Design Lab is a full-service advertising agency in Kamloops, focusing on all disciplines of advertising to offer integrated brand experiences unlike any other. As a dedicated marketing agency, we provide results-driven solutions to organizations of all sizes and disciplines.

We specialize in the four elements required for success in an increasingly digital world: innovative design, interactive marketing, technology implementation and strategic consulting.

Our story

Headquartered in Kamloops, with our team scattered globally, we’re an ambitious creative digital agency. We specialize in brand and marketing strategies, website design and development, and strong traditional design. We help companies discover their authenticity, and leverage it to create identities and experiences that are irresistibly compelling.


When it comes to the faces behind the story, we are about as eclectic a group as you’ll find. We love smart design, communication, visual arts and technology. We hail from far-flung corners of the map. Diversity is our strength but at the end of the day we all speak a singular and unified language and believe in strong interactive marketing and innovative technology.

Our ethos

We are inspired by impact driven, environmentally and socially responsible businesses and organizations. We help them to inspire attitude and behaviour change through sustainable initiatives, creative strategies, digital solutions and compelling content. We combine knowledge and creativity to produce solutions that engage, inform and inspire.


We help our clients tell powerful stories that cut through the noise, and keep them ahead of the curve. We believe a better world is possible, and we want to help make it happen. We feel it in our hearts, we think about it constantly, we spend our time using our skills creatively and knowledge to making it real.


We believe humans deserve better experiences, deeper connections, more wonder and more honesty.

We identify and implement the elements necessary for success, to increase profits and engage audiences in unique and powerful ways.

Our values

We are supportive

Great work happens when people feel supported, valued, and trusted. We apply this respect to our team and to our clients. We believe that asking questions, asking for help is a sign of strength and great collaboration.

We are open-minded

People are at the centre of everything we do. We welcome everyone with open arms and encourage some simple rules; be yourself, relax, and open yourself up to learn along with us.

We are dependable

We do our best to think about the needs of our clients and fellow team members. We work hard to keep to our deadlines and deliver on promises, strive to shatter expectation and always aim to one-up ourselves.

We are driven

We are focused, speak our minds and learn to take constructive criticism the same way we deal it out. We always stay humble and listen to the opinions of others.

We are collaborative

We select our partnerships with care and consideration, and aspire to work on projects that celebrate a shared passion, and contribute to making the world a better place. We enjoy working on projects that challenge us to do so.

We are approachable

We’re friendly and open with everyone we meet. We believe there’s no such thing as a stupid question, so ask us anything. We don’t put others down and we never judge.

Our team

We Are Planners + Makers

We have a can-do attitude backed by years of combined experience delivering high-end, creative solutions on time and on budget. We are driven by the idea that the best work is born from diligence, craftsmanship and fun. We’d love to hear about your project – drop us a line.



The tougher the challenge, the greater the opportunity to learn and grow.

A hands on founder with 12+ years of experience in the creative advertising industry, Lindi has spent most of her career in the UK in some of London’s top creative agencies where she has guided both digital and integrated projects for a variety of companies.

A Canadian resident since 2016, Lindi continues to exercise her expertise and passion in brand strategy and on digital projects. As an adaptable change agent with a goal-orientated attitude, she loves empowering others to create sustainable relationships, and is committed to crafting powerful messages and stories worth sharing.

Lindi lives and breathes a love for the outdoors, and enjoys hiking and running with her dog on the many trails Kamloops has to offer.



Design creates culture. Culture creates values. Values determine the future.

An independent graphic designer and entrepreneur, Romã comes alive working with truly awesome brands and companies. She prides herself on sophisticated and timeless design, and brings a unique twist to projects.

Romã understands and appreciates the craft of digital and printed design, and what is required to build a brand from start to finish. She is adept at developing original creative solutions for print, web, and broadcast applications, designed to strengthen business competence.

With a Masters Degree from IADE Creative University, paired with her wealth of experience in the industry, it’s a pleasure to have Romã on our team.



Every wizard was once an apprentice.

Ali is a meticulous developer and technologist who is enthusiastic about functional design, clean code and seamless digital experiences.

With a strong background in facilitating engineering solutions, and extensive expertise in large system projects, network design and configuration, Ali thrives in a collaborative environment to ensure quality and timeliness during projects.

Ali has worked with a wide range of companies, and has experience in all aspects of web development, coding, research, strategy and user experience, possesses a broad knowledge of best digital practices. He is always eager to take on the next challenging project.



Smile, listen, agree, and then do whatever you were going to do anyway.

As the team’s digital strategist, Mike leads the problem solving chats, connecting the dots between the needs, wants, and desires of the customer and those often illusive business, brand, and marketing goals.

He coordinates various digital mediums, analyzing user experience data, reporting on planned and current strategies, leading digital marketing strategies, and ensures that projects are executed within budget.

He has managed global marketing projects focusing heavily on growth, retention and engagement with online communities, with a focus on customer journeys using quantifiable metrics to create effective campaigns that increase ROI and decrease costs.


Project planning

When you hand good people possibility, they do great things.

Calum is an experienced and enthusiastic character and has more than eight years’ experience in the fast-paced marketing, promotions and events industry.

Calum helps bring ideas to life across multiple consumer touch points, including experiential, promotions, PR, media and online. He is excellent at assessing client needs and requirements to customize solutions perfectly aligned to company culture and vision.

A city dweller who loves to travel, Calum holds a degree in Marketing, enjoys all outdoor activities and is always up for an adventure. His personal mantra is “never leave anything to chance”.


Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.

Whether it’s engaging campaign copy, a creative explanation of how your business works, or a persuasive article, Sara delivers the words needed to reach an audience, and keep them coming back.

She enjoys working with brands that lack the words they need to resonate with the hearts of your customers to make their services and products sell.

Sara has worked with a number of global agencies, brands and organizations on commercial and charity campaigns, and has helped start-ups and small businesses with their content strategies and messaging.

Why white Design lab?

We believe changing the way you do business has the power to change the world. We are passionate about how people travel the digital world and how customers interact with your organization.