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What we do

We craft beautiful solutions. We’re a creative marketing agency in Kamloops providing smart solutions across a wide variety of disciplines including brand identity, websites and digital design, and creative strategies. We work tirelessly to ensure exceptional quality and thought goes into everything we do. Whatever the challenge, we find the precise blend of services to deliver cost-effective results, and ultimately meet and exceed client objectives.



We marry ideas with strategic insight to help our clients achieve more, in more meaningful ways. We establish core values to refine an organization’s position.

Every business or organization needs a clear vision and a robust plan, one that everyone can understand and get behind to make it successful. Our strategic approach is insight driven, and resolves around mixed teams that explore opportunities and goals from multiple angles. Our expertise can give your brand the clarity it needs.


We know that research is vital to ensure we fully understand your audience, your business and your industry. These early phases will influence, shape and determine the correct final project outcome, ensuring dynamic results that set you up for success. We take the necessary steps to clarify your vision, strategies, values and goals, distill these insights and present the findings.


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A brand is more than just a logo and identity, it’s your business’s silent ambassador, it’s an experience visitors notice and engage with. We work with businesses to create a unique marketing plan, driven by authentic brand values and goals.

Communicating in a digital world is a never-ending battle for attention, and words and images are capable of influencing great change. Marketing a business successfully, and utilizing great content matters more than anything.


We work with businesses to broadcast their story and messaging engaging language and photography, and help them connect with relevant audiences to grow and support their business.


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Beautiful, trustworthy brand experiences will contribute to business success. We collaborate with people to design personality like no other, and help them build resonance with their audience to turn visitors into customers.

We take a digitally-driven approach to shaping modern brands, and dig deep into a brand’s meaning to arm them with the tools and strategies to navigate their next moves. We ensure that your identity speaks the language of your brand and communicates the right message to your audience, both online and offline, across all media.


We help you articulate a dynamic brand strategy based on factual insights and shrewd intuitive understanding, comprising brand messaging, tone-of-voice, as well as pertinent visual stimuli to indicate the proposed brand essence.


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We design and build digital experiences for the connected world, making user-centred websites and products that deliver smart experiences for all devices.

We strive to understand more deeply, to target more precisely, and to be at the leading edge of how customers travel the digital world. It means staying ahead of what customers need, want and love.


We create thought-through digital experiences that are flexible, intuitive and engaging, and we infuse them with your distinctive DNA, using sharp creative thinking to give you a distinctive voice. So when we build your website, we build your brand too. We are adept at crafting consistent and cohesive brand communications, both on and offline.


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Why white Design lab?

We believe changing the way you do business has the power to change the world. We are passionate about how people travel the digital world and how customers interact with your organization.